How to Make the Most of Monday

Posted in self help by Steph Auteri on October 22, 2007
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monday morning.

I’ve never really loathed Mondays as much as others do. Sundays always got to me more, with their miserable promise of the Monday to come. Still, as an enduring symbol of misery for most, it makes sense that David Cottrell has created a self-help publishing empire based partially upon the dread of Mondays, with titles such as Monday Morning Mentoring and Monday Morning Communications.

It was Monday Morning Choices that eventually made its way across my desk and, despite an initial sense of scorn for its feel-good, pop-psych title (yes, I am a book snob obsessed with self-help), I was soon won over. Reading like a collection of motivational posters, each chapter in Cottrell’s book focuses on a different strategy for life-changing positive thinking.

Though many of the lessons scattered throughout this book may seem of the no-duh sort, sometimes, it’s just nice to be reminded that:

  • You shouldn’t fall prey to a victim mentality. In the end, it’s your response to the events in your life that determine the ultimate outcome. In short, stop whining and take some action.
  • You shouldn’t waste too much time thinking about what you want to do, or someday will never come. I will invariably set myself down beside my husband, a wistful look in my eye, and say “I need to take an online photography course” or “I need to start up that blog of mine so I can begin my journey toward world media domination.” He always cuts me short. “Stop talking about it and just do it,” he’ll snap, sounding for all the world like a Nike advertisement, except more impatient than inspirational.
  • If you’re truly dedicated to a cause or goal, you shouldn’t let the minor setbacks throw you off course. Rather, you should take this golden opportunity to learn from your mistakes and, for the love of god, never commit the same ones again.
  • Creating a network of like-minded folk will always pay off in the end. Whenever I attend a networking event, I’m put off by the people who so quickly lose interest in a conversation once they realize you have nothing to immediately offer them. The scent of desperation lingers over them, and they often come off as real-world versions of Internet spam. When you build up a personal or professional network, it’s only a matter of time before you both get the chance to help each other. And in the meantime, it’s nice to have someone else to commiserate and bullshit with.

This book pubs in the new year. Grab yourself a copy then, if only to have it handy when you need a quick hit of inspiration.


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  1. Michael said,

    dude! you haven’t posted anything here in days. what the hell am i supposed to read?? i need self help, and i need it now! post already! sheesh!

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