Friday and The Infinite Wisdom of Others

Posted in self help by Steph Auteri on December 8, 2007


My fellow bloggers — much like me — have been slacking a bit during this holiday season. For that reason, I’m going to highlight a single blogger who has been consistently, shall we say, awesome.

This blogger would be Gretchen, of The Happiness Project. This past week, she wrote two posts that especially struck a chord with me.

The first one was about putting things off until…well, until whatever or whenever. It’s something we all have the tendency to do. We think we’ll be happier once we lose 20 pounds or get our own place. We think we’ll have more time to work toward our dreams once we get more sleep…once the internship ends…once Christmas is over.  With all the excuses we can make for ourselves, it’s a wonder we ever get anything done at all. It was a post that made me think, because it’s a habit I catch myself indulging in far too often.

Gretchen’s second post is on showing up. This is a big one for me. There have been many events — parties, readings, concerts — that I’ve been more than thrilled to hear about. But when the time came, I finked out. Either I was too tired at the end of the day, or the weather was crummy, or I felt I had too many items on the mental to-do list…either way, I was lazy about moving outside of my comfort zone and, more often than not, I regretted missing these things.

I find that it’s a heckuva  lot easier to show up when there’s someone else involved to hold you accountable. For example, I went home after work on Monday instead of heading to a Shalom Auslander reading at my favorite bookshop in New York, because I’m lame. Plus, I was tired. But last night I attended a meet-up for a women’s discussion group on sexuality that an acquaintance of mine was trying to start up, merely because I had RSVPd that I was coming, and wanted to keep my word.

I ended up being glad I went. For one thing, aside from me and the moderator, only one other woman showed up. Aside from that, I got to catch up with this acquaintance of mine, learn of a cool new venue, meet a fascinating new person, and partake in a generally lively and always-interesting discussion. It was inspiring and fun and different from what I usually do. Which is hurry home and read in bed.

It’s the buddy system at its best.


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