The Infinite Wisdom of Others

Posted in self help by Steph Auteri on January 8, 2008

infinite wisdom.

Luciano Passuello of of Litemind just posted an interesting bit on sending a time capsule to your future self.

In it, he speaks of the ability of time capsules to provide a startlingly accurate picture of how far you’ve come.

On the New Year, I posted briefly about the benefits of listing the past year’s accomplishments, rather than dwelling on resolutions that highlight your dissatisfaction with yourself.  To jog my memory, I looked through past blog entries, and flipped through my 2007 agenda.

But, as Luciano avers, memory is a persnickety thing, and it’s near impossible to accurately remember the things we were so  sure we would never forget.

His post gives a number of ideas on the form your time capsule could take, or the topics you should cover in your capsule.  In addition to these, there are sites out there — such as futureme — that have taken the time capsule to the next level, allowing users to type an e-mail to themselves and determine when it should eventually be sent to them.

Think about it. Read Luciano’s post and leave some comments: what would you most like to tell your future self about the person you are today?


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  1. Hi, Moi. I am glad that enjoyed the article. Using it with your idea of listing the past year’s accomplishments is indeed a very interesting idea!
    One related thing that you might want to try with the time capsule is this: 2008 *Was* A Great Year .


  2. You could also have a look at our site which lets you save photos, videos, music as well as messages.

  3. stephanerd said,

    @Richard: Oh wow. This looks pretty nifty.

  4. stephanerd said,

    @Luciano: Thanks for passing along this other link dude! 🙂

  5. […] *Update* – Luciano of  Litemind pointed to my 2008 *Was* A Great Year post in a comment he left on SelfHelpMe – The Infinite Wisdom of Others. […]

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