How to Help Yourself

Posted in self help by Steph Auteri on January 29, 2008

beth lisick.

A few weeks ago, I popped over to the Barnes & Noble near my office to hear Beth Lisick read from her newest book, Helping Me Help Myself, in which she devoted each month of a year to a different somewhat-messy problem spot in her life. Lisick was delightfully entertaining, able to do a dead-on impression of Richard Simmons (she went on his Cruise to Lose), and she even had a sales rep from her publishing house do a bit of stand-up on her own obsession with self-help book. (Words of wisdom: “It’s okay to read a self-help book, but it’s not okay to read 100.”)

Because I’m one lucky duck, gave me the opportunity to interview Lisick for the site. Here’s what she had to say about the self-help industry and the people who so desperately need it.


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