How To Find More Time, Part Six — Paper

Posted in self help by Steph Auteri on February 5, 2008
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I’m supposed to be getting my stuff together, in order to file for taxes, but my filing cabinet (and everything in the vicinity of my desk) is an absolute disaster area. In Laura Stack’s Find More Time, Stack writes about what I should have been doing with this mountain of loose paper for the past year.

I’m always amazed to find different aspects of my life in such disarray, especially since I’m so enamored of organizational tools in general. Whether or not , personally, get it together, I was just tickled by some of the tips stack had to offer:

  • Put together a binder. I love binders. Really I do. In the past, I’ve had binders for decorating ideas, favorite quotes from both books and songs, work stuff, choir music, etc. Stack suggests filing things (I find a mixture of the binder format and the filing cabinet format easiest for the following) in three different areas: action, project, and reference. Those project- and reference-related papers can go in the filing cabinet. As for the action papers, organize them by the date in which they need to be done, so that you’re never scrambling (or just missing deadlines entirely) at th last minute. Stack goes into this at some depth in her book, and I thought it was just about the awesomest idea ever.
  • Consider that you might possibly die tomorrow. Okay, this is more of a reference tool than a tip, but Stack gives a comprehensive list of all the personal info you should have gathered together in a convenient place in case you ever do kick the bucket. I suppose this could be construed as, um, morbid, but a good amount of the info (attorney, physician, tax consultant, safe deposit info, location of marriage and birth certificates and mortgage papers, bank info, etc.) could be quite handy to have at the ready anyway.

I could go on, but Stack’s action-filing idea is really the mot priceless thing ever. If you’re curious about what other tips she has to offer, you’ll have to crack open the book.

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