How to Find More Time, Part Seven — Post

Posted in self help by Steph Auteri on February 20, 2008
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For the love of God, it seems as if this series will never end, right? Well, in case you haven’t just up and purchased the book already, here’s a summary on Laura Stack’s chapter about your “post,” or your set of responsibilities.

Though Stack goes on at great length about hiring out tasks and being more efficient, here are the tidbits that spoke to me the most:

  • Relish Your Role as Social Chair. Though I didn’t fully embrace my nomination to social chair way back in my sorority days (don’t ask and don’t laugh), I’ve since realized the importance of making the effort to be social in an age when we’re so overwhelmed by work, errands, and the like. Find yourself some couple friends. ::waves to Nicole&Mike and Dawn&Jay:: Don’t neglect your old, non-couple-y friends. Plan family gatherings and host guests on the holidays (and any other old day). Just because there’s work to be done, don’t let the human element seep out of your life, or you’ll be the worse for it.
  • Don’t Wait for It to Pile Up. Perhaps clean-ups wouldn’t be such a huge, insurmountable undertaking if I had just put things exactly where they belonged once I ceased needing them, or if I at least did a little bit of tidying up every day. In short, I need to stop being so damn lazy.
  • Don’t Be Caught Unawares at Dinnertime. I will invariably come home from work, exhausted and hungry and just the tiniest bit cranky, and my husband will already be there, in his pajamas, at the computer, and be all: “What’s for dinner?” Is it not an absolute miracle that I have not yet smothered him in his sleep with his own pillow!? Stack’s brilliant tip? A meal plan! This is something we are planning to put into effect quite shortly so that we stop standing around in our pajamas, wondering what we could possibly eat, and then eating ramen noodles and Hungry Man TV dinners.

The next post will be the last in this series: Play!


Is that preemptive?

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