How to Become a Dating Superhero! !!!

Posted in self help by Steph Auteri on February 27, 2008
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match game.
Because I am an attention whore, here‘s my latest non-MM piece up at It’s a Q&A with Shula Melamed, a dating consultant/belly dancer/psychology student/generally awesome person. My only beef is that, in the editing-down process, Shula has magically becoming the owner of her own dating consultancy. Which is not true. ::sigh::


When I met Shula for dinner, we ended up chatting for a few hours and, let me tell you, the conversation was damn good. Probably because Shula is a dating superhero. That plus the fact that her consultant work is sort of fascinating.

The common thread, however, seemed to be that a date will go well, if you engage the other person…are attentive to the other person…it’s sort of similar to what I posted on way back when, when I suggested approaching social interactions in a more journalistic manner.

Check out the piece if you’re interested in learning more about Shula.


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